Plush carpet

Here is a basement decided to go with a standard plush carpet to really make this basement feel a little more cozy. I also did the stairs and the stringers. This was about 70yds


Travertine stone

Went with the travertine tile. All brick joint. The coolest part about this whole job has to be between the base and the border they really make the stone pop. We also decided that an almond color grout would really bring it all together. This was a full bathroom remodel. We did new vanity as well as a new piece of granite counter top it actually matches the same stuff from other pictures at this customers house with the cherry wood floor

700sqft cherry wood floor


20131123-170735.jpgInstalled 700sqft of cherry hardwood floor. You can see in the after how the we also installed granite in front of the fire place. It really came out matching great. Very happy with how this floor turned out I know the customer was very satisfied as well. All together did the 700sqft in two days all door jams undercut as well as an extremely tight fit at all the door ways. We did living room, dinning room, and bedroom

18×18 travertine

Here is an 18×18 travertine tile as you can see from the picture they had a VCT type of tile with a design in it. We decided to rip it up and lay down some monster 18in tiles. This job was a little over 800sqft between the living room dinning room kitchen and the bathroom. In this picture you can also see the capped look on the the single step for the back porch.

Natural stone versi pattern


This versi pattern is all custom made. Bought them as 18×18 tiles and cut them to the sizes we needed to make this pattern look amazing. We also put down a 3in tile base with a nice beveled edge all the way around. As for the shower we went with a 9×18 brick joint pattern with 3 in triangle border at the 36in height and to top it all off four 9in triangle style shelves.